Friday, March 8, 2013

Ad Copy on Superstars

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Today's post brings you yahoo news.  I'm going to show you why faces appear online.  It is evident from a marketing perspective, that the more you keep your face out there (through happy or less than wonderful news)...that you're visible.  That's the only difference between long-standing Internet marketing gurus and newbies. a way, you are a star when you leverage the power of ad copy.

Take a Look --

(Source:  Yahoo News... Note the headline..., note bolding...note wording..., then see if you find an offer connected to the print itself.   All magazines, articles, and newspapers are ...are ADS!)

Please stay tuned for newsletter content.  Inside of that content, I show you more about writing effective ad copy, developing your own following yourself, and using legal marketing tricks that put in you "high favor" with Google.  Some of the most simple techniques get feel free to post your comments and suggestions. 

Toasting Your Success Online, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

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