Friday, March 29, 2013

International Campaign Gucci

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Whether you're marketing your own wares, someone else, network marketing, or researching options for a future change, Internet marketing is all the same.

This blog studies and shares the finest resources appearing on the Internet.  We only look at campaigns that are growing and are highly profitable.  We look at website design, ad copy (print you read in any ad offline and online), clientelle list building, website optimization, ways to create income from home by segmenting your lists and offering others what they demand most.

All Rights Are Reserved On Original Website Owners.  All Trademarks and Copyrights are protected by U.S. and International Laws.  No infringements of any kind are intended.  This blog educates individuals who are interested in living life leveraging their own terms.

Please hover your mouse over the Gucci Link below: 


Stay tuned for more helpful content. The newsletter report is underway and will be available for review very soon. I will be posting exciting results from a grand cruise I attended last week, MSC Poesia, March 20th - 25th, 2013 celebrating music with the Moody Blues and a host of other bands.  Just head to my Facebook page under Barbara Brinkmeyer.  You'll see the ship leaving the port.  The Moodies appear for a short while, and various bands are showcased as they appeared on the cruise....(Woodstock On Water).  All Rights Reserved On Original Content, Barbara Brinkmeyer, 2013.

Toasting Your Online Success!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Payday Loan Lenders Pave The Way For Lending Without Credit Scores

Although our FICO score defines USA in several aspects of our lives, day loan lenders have taken the demand for credit goodness out of short-run, small-dollar loans by giving no-credit-check loans
While non-traditional day lenders square measure among the few WHO do not verify your credit history before approving you, ancient disposal establishments square measure moving more removed from the "FICO score only" mentality and turning to alternative means that of judgement a consumer's credit goodness.
Consumer info given to day loan lenders for the employment of applying for a loan includes the applicant's bank account, employment, and financial gain info. Most lenders can raise the applier to supply references, whether or not personal or skilled. That least quantity of data is all it takes to approve somebody longing for a quick and temporary loan. A boost up from that's AN motorcar title loan investor WHO uses the collateral of the consumer's automotive within which to loan upon.if you know more detail and therefore visit our site online payday loans!.
Due to a recession that has left innumerable customers within the position of losing their homes and jobs at the side of their credit rating, lenders square measure turning to non-traditional information in a shot to spot those consumer's who's FICO scores have taken a beating within the recession. several of these folks square measure usually smart at handling their credit however have fallen victim to their circumstances.
Credit card issuers square measure wanting to other ways to assess someone's credit goodness together with considering one's rent, utility, or cellular phone payment history. With fifteen million customers having their credit scores affected negatively as a results of the recession, a standard credit score might not judge the state of their credit goodness currently that they need affected on.
Many customers have sold their high mortgage homes or found new jobs which can create them smart candidates for credit issue. Finding some way to assess an alternate credit score can facilitate credit issuers additionally as debtors.
Unfortunately, rating a human borrowing potential during this means isn't as reliable as a FICO score is also. Gathering info this fashion might not be as consistent and should not take under consideration advanced circumstances. this might do a lot of damage than facilitate. watching rental history depends on a landowner reportage systematically. Considering utility payment history could hinder some low-income customers WHO struggle to pay their utilities once the weather is extreme. If late payments square measure reported , this might adversely have an effect on their credit.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ad Copy on Superstars

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Today's post brings you yahoo news.  I'm going to show you why faces appear online.  It is evident from a marketing perspective, that the more you keep your face out there (through happy or less than wonderful news)...that you're visible.  That's the only difference between long-standing Internet marketing gurus and newbies. a way, you are a star when you leverage the power of ad copy.

Take a Look --

(Source:  Yahoo News... Note the headline..., note bolding...note wording..., then see if you find an offer connected to the print itself.   All magazines, articles, and newspapers are ...are ADS!)

Please stay tuned for newsletter content.  Inside of that content, I show you more about writing effective ad copy, developing your own following yourself, and using legal marketing tricks that put in you "high favor" with Google.  Some of the most simple techniques get feel free to post your comments and suggestions. 

Toasting Your Success Online, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

SHOW Your Marketing, Don't Describe It

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

If you're new to this home-based business blog, we study professional hold on.  The GOAL is to show your marketing off...and we do it by leveraging technology online.  It doesn't matter what you're moving.  What matters is HOW it's done.

Today, we pull in Madonna's Live Re-Invention Tour...not to violate copyrights or trademarks.  As with any campaign I share on this blog, the idea is to stimulate your creativity by showing you what works.  It's the same way with any marketing online, there are images, iconic visuals, sounds, and inspirations. 

  • When your audiences are tuned in..., when their attention is held, they're working with you from an "ON" mode setting
  • When audiences are engaged actively, conversion rates (closing deals) is achievable even when using a simple format like this blog
  • The opt-in newsletter is in development...please be patient.

Madonna's Re-Invention Tour

Toasting Your Online Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Target Marketing Magazine -- FREEBIE

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Let's get you started with a free but valuable exposure to marketing in general.

It's called Target Marketing magazine.  It is free.  Just Google it..and you can opt-into their online newsletter too. This magazine will give you much-needed industry exposure.

Please stay tuned for more relevant marketing updates...supporting business from home or on the go!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

Updates On Moody Blues Campaign

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Happy day today...for those of you who have been following me for a while now.  For new folks finding me, you have found a most unique blog that is devoted to teaching entrepreneurial empowerment at its finest levels.

For those who know about the Moody Blues Cruise that we have been following (for educational purposes), the Moody Blues Cruise, 2013, touring the Grand Cayman Islands is SOLD OUT!

For those of you who sell anything from home or are researching your other Internet "work from home" opportunities, you can see this campaign unfolding in all of the online places:

1)  Official Website of the Moodies --

Justin Hayward offers his most recent interview, dated Feb. 11, 2013. 

  • All Rights Are Reserved On Original Artists Copyrights/Trademarks/Products/Concerts

2)  The Cruise --

3)  Justin Hayward's newest recorded release is available at Amazon, Eagle Records --

"Spirits of the Western Sky"

You can find it again on the official moodies website.


  • For those of you learning from this blog what's precisely involved in active blogging, this blog is an early traffic precursor to getting formally paid
  • Patience, persistence, and know-how are primary keys
  • Leveraging social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest...)
  • Buildling your list
  • Optimizing Traffic
  • Monetizing infopreneurial content marketed by you...yes...even in MLM and NO MLM can say "you can't do that"...because you can!
  • Fingertip publishing (as you see here)
  • Retaining 100% profits without relying on major publishing houses.
Please Stay Tuned For More BUT Post Your Comments.  This does guide the most relevant and pressing information...adding that I have massive Internet marketing and publishing resources at my fingertips.  This newsletter is underway..., creating key reports you'll need to assess what's involved in starting your own Internet business, bolstering present business, and expanding operations.  The newsletter is not yet ready for subscribers being that the emails are being created...right along with downloadeable pdfs you can print, but you should be able to add this RSS Feed for right now.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Key Behind Successful Blogging Is...

Welcome Back New and Returning Online Entrepreneurs!

There are quite a few Q's incoming.

I am most happy to report that in response to "Is blogging difficult...and does it take a lot of time?"  As with anything you first learn, it takes time.  Persistent is your best choice.

Blogging feeks a bit tricky when you're uncertain about what you're wanting to address, target, or format.  As with blogs that first start small and eventually grow, the key is to offer extremely high quality content.  CONTENT IS KING ONLINE, and you must be willing to allow your readers to comment on anything they wish as those comments pertain to your blogs.  This is necessary to start the first flow of monies...called donations...and for special purposes, donations are best initiated by connecting Paypal to A-Weber.  You need these two tools.  A-Weber builds your opt-in (free report) list.  This is where you also build your fan following.  Without the paid monthly A-Weber, you cannot enable PayPal pay buttons...or include shopping carts.



Even though this blog is NOT in its final form, I learn by doing.  Over time, you can edit, delete, link, import, and transfer whatever you wish to retain on a more permanent basis.


You can form 5 blogs representing various niches..., play with your passionate understanding first, and then write from your heart.

  • Your enthusiasm and Spirit will translate over to the simple writing you first initiate
  • The more you write, the better you get
  • Pull in any inspiration you received from many incoming resources
  • As long as you cite all original authors, and state that whomever you are sharing that no copyright infringements are intended, the courts in America are active whenever there are infringements on products creating DIRECT profits off of those products
  • So what you have to do to offset that risk is pull in clear affiliate marketing (where all agreements are signed ahead of time, and commissions are spelled out in writing)
  • I will offer specific guidelines pertaining to selecting the proper super-affiliates (it can be a somewhat tricky process to pick and choose rightly,

Is setting up a blogger format difficult?


No.  Once you form your initial blogger account (free), just pick a template and run with it.  You can change the template anytime you wish.

What about other bloggers?  Do I have to worry about spam?  Yes and no.  Initially, you are after traffic (eyes).  Laster, you can qualify readers through your opt-in newsletter.  The finest examples of successful blogs that go very big and turn into paid business are ones that start out small.  The key is to be completely transparent with all offers.  Tell people..."If you click on this product, I receive a partial commission (U.S. Digital Law)."

Eventually, you can add a filter to your blog to rule out "too-spammy" comments over time.

Is Page Expansion Available?

Yes.  At first, when you begin're just playing with formats, headlines, content, Q's & A's in order to find out what people need.  You can add pages simply by clicking on "add pages".  For now, I'm just putting majorly helpful marketing content into your hands in order to spare you unnecessary online cash donations. 

Blogger is a research tool used to determine what people want most.  Based on the repeat Q's you obtain on a blog (whether it's network marketing, affiliate, or independent marketing, people will SHOW you what they need.  It is at this time that products can be formed, attached to the blog, and then sold.  This is called targeted marketing, and it is highly effective.)

When you start to initiate and post content, you can edit/delete content at any time.  Content can be moved over to a Word Press blog such as my newest one -- the kind you are actually requesting!  You will obviously see the rudimentary it evolves soon enough.

Handheld Marketing Mastery

((This handheld marketing mastery will be the extended PRO version of this blog (I hope)...and it is in development by me...but there's not much happening here yet.  I am figuring out how this version of Word Press works.))



...when it is done well.

For me, now that I have been playing on this blog for 6 years, I have outlined specific strategies leading to pay!  Even though I am working on my med school enrollment, I will continue to teach Internet marketing.

I intend to bring you the fairest, most reasonable, highest quality products available it pertains to independent marketing.

The videos I leverage are only for your educational benefit so that you may emulate with care and proper marketing approaches a highly inter-active, self-created fan audience.



Stopping here.  I am bringing you videos that pertain to Internet marketing, but I am hitting a few bricks walls.  Please be patient.  More is in development.

Feel free to post your comments and sincere suggestions!

Toasting Your Blogging Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

High Quality Videos Boosting Fan Interest

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepeneurs!

Barbara here.  I'm pleased to bring you a wonderful video as it appears on
official website.

When you have a landing page on a website, the landing page should be fairly clear...or if that landing page contains key content and people will then click on other relevant pages, other pages should be as clear as possible...content-wise, by organizational style, and by video reference.

Pleased to bring you a wonderful musician and songwriter who has inspired countless individuals --

Video With Justin Hayward
  • This is for educational marketing purposes only relative to those studying inside and outside of the Open Education Project
  • No infringements of any kind are intended / All Rights Reserved On Original Moody Blues Content, 2013
  • The goal is to show you how you can absolutely showcase yourself using a wonderful landscape and a high quality interview.
Toasting Your Success Absolutely,

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Understanding Your Traffic Thru Webmastered Tools

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

On this home based business blog applicable to network marketers, affiliates, and independent business owners, there are highly specific techniques, tools, and things online folks learn and use to market their wares.  Even in the case of MLM, THEY WOULD HATE ME FOR SHARING THIS VALUABLE EDUCATION.

As far as I know online, NO ONE TEACHES THIS COTENT....not in a transparent way.  The goal is to show you that you should not attempt Internet marketing by yourself, no matter how seasoned you may be with your company.  The goal is to show you independent marketing protecting your business rights at a personal level.  This is cutting edge education at its finest!!!

You will see a video by one of our guys behind the Open Education Project -- Jay's "Magicstudios" Actual Webinar -- "His Baby"...and here's the Webinar Description --

Understanding Your Traffic Through Webmastsered Tools
It is very important to keep track of your positions and rankings within the SERPs for your website. It is also just as important to understand your (potential) visitors behaviors, know why they what they are (or not)..., then clicking on your site.
  • If you can gather this kind of data, you will definitely have an upper hand against most...if not the majority of your competitors.
  • Luckily for all business owners, Google has the ability to give you this information inside of their Webmaster Tools

  • You will be given an opportunity to see how to access and understand this data

Webinar Benefits And Learning Outcomes --
  1. Learning About Your Search Queries
  2. Is Your Traffic Qualified for Your Content?
  3. Does Google Count Google+ As a Backlink?
  4. Are Your Pages Talking to Each Other?
  5. Why You Should Care About All This Stuff
  6. What You Can Do Specifically

So listen to the webinar, take it all in, and learn.  Develop your cutting edge large companies know but may not teach.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Friday, March 1, 2013

Handheld Marketing Mastery WEBSITE

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I wanted to show you something you've been asking for.

No matter what you market, you will LOVE this design.  It is a template made by the self-hosted version of Word Press (.org) called


Handheld Marketing Mastery

Stay tuned for more helpful marketing information.  The goal is to show you what most Internet marketers use...but do so safely allowing you to sample some freebies.  You DO NOT want to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for each and every required marketing item being sold by super-guru marketers who claim to teach you systematic profits for thousands and thousands of dollars (without actually delivering that independence)! 

Network marketers, affiliates, and major campaign owners face the same challenges.  You CAN run a campaign on much, much less.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

Advanced Keyword Tool - Jaxxy Free Trial

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

I wanted to share with you home-based folks, network marketers, and independent business owners a keyword tool that is so much easier to use than some of the other "headache tools" (which can really make parameter searches difficult).  If you aren't following what I'm on.  I explain more.  This is a standard tool most Internet marketers matter what they are marketing. 

JAXXY -- Read On...

  • Well...if you are new and you don't know what keyword search tools online are, what they do is show you which niches have low traffic (too few searches and on-lookers)...revealing which searches just will get you no-where (on certain domains)..., which ones will absolutely yield results without overcompeting in heavy marketing arenas..., and more.

  • There is no such thing as free on the Internet ...but that's why more of us are here

  • You can use the 30-day trial just to see how it will work...and you're going to enter some of your most favorite products as a guideline. 


  • Let's say that you have an internet web presence on a blog or a website, but let's say that you even have major search traffic (and I am thinking about a favorite friend of mine who actually fits this bill).  He's popular...has plenty of traffic...owns plenty of domains...but also has lots of searchers who aren't finding what they want when they need it most(from this amazing performer).

  • Keep coming back for more helpful information.  The goal is to SHOW YOU profitable business online...but you must be patient, persistent, and steady.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

Human Empowerment - Your Biological Computer

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

This link brings you videos pertaining to the New Age Niche.  Martial arts masters study FAR beyond the usual senses, if only to improve upon themselves and to offer highest quality services to their students.

As shared in prior posts, Internet marketers (home-based-business independent) do study other niches in order to see what is promoted ...and to understand purchasing mindsets appearing within each niche.  To understand words each niche uses is important.  To Internet marketers, a niche is only a niche.  Ad copy that speaks to one niche is very different than ad copy speaking to and with another. 

Enjoy... but feel free to post your comments and active suggestions.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer