Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rapid Fire Blog Publishing

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Whether you're new or returning, today, I'm going to talk about "rapid fire" publishing, an instant fingertip reality which is ...more and more... by-passing traditional publishing houses connected to older media (t.v., newspapers, and radio).  This blog is solely dedicated to home-based businesses, whatever they may be...but before I do that, take a moment to join this FREE interactive newsletter.

Last night, I prepared the free report which requires more time.  I intend for it to be highly informative.  Please, include your accurate first name and best contact information for e-mail.  The finest Internet marketers and even network marketers always keep their lists confidential.  We do NOT sell anything to 3rd party organizations (like magazine circulars). I will always teach you always to keep your lists safe and properly segmented.


We change topics now as I tell you what is happening with global audiences.

SHIFTING REALITY -- Eyes are moving away from older media and they are using podcasts, MP3 players, and other hand-held devices

  • As a new or seasoned marketer, you stand in front of a major curve called Internet opportunity
About 53 million viewers world-wide can potentially see your content.  Google accounts for a majority of traffic within the U.S.  Globally, the audiences are much, much larger.  Any tools you use with Google index you in a favorable light, as long as your content is strong.

  • Stay tuned on this blog.  I am a professional writer publishing in my own quiet directory...however, more details along those lines will be shared soon;

  • It is wonderful news for you (if you do not have a website or Word Press yet) that you should consider using blogger as your instant publishing channel. 

  • For more developed and advanced marketers, they are better off using their expanded websites to boost traffic/profits...but for newbies and network marketers advancing online, blogging gives you a monthly income.
When done properly, with plans and structure, you can expect one small blog to generate anywhere from $200 - $300/month.  When you scale your efforts upwardly, you can generate any monthly amount you wish.  I'm not talking about a scant $2,500 a month.  If you play this game well, you can generate much, much more...but it depends on HOW MANY blogs (targeting different niches) you own.  This is a major key.

  • Network marketers, affiliates, super-affiliates can benefit because rapid fire posts quite nearly interact with audiences LIVE, and old media cannot compete with the rate at which blogs communicate to world-wide audiences -- sharing a chief reason.

MORE FACTS, 2006 - Present Day

Further support involving the why's of blogging, you can set up and operate a business from home or on the go as this effort leverages the power of multiple income streams -- yes -- you are not imaging this reading...whereby profitable blogging business leverages numerous advertisers, traffic-based clicks and purchases appearing on your blog, along with added merchandising, and more.  You are the sole power guiding your ship through planned harbors.


Reason Why #1)  Costs you nothing but research, time, and writing
Reason Why #2)  It is very affordable
Reason Why #3)  I'm showing you HOW it is done
Reason Why #4)  You WILL and CAN have your own niche if you choose, but it is not happening per se with the major niche I'm addressing here...(although this is my favorite crowd)...for reasons related to being prepared to write intensive content often...over many year's time.  You can, if you choose, build and directly visit with your own list
Reason Why #5)  There are two kinds of blogs -- 1A)  Content Blogs...and 1B)  Thematic (Sub-Niche) Blogs.


1)  Patience
2)  Persistence....Quality Content Only
3)  Profit

I hope you found something here helpful.  I am working on bringing you the finest content found anywhere online. Feel free to post your Q's, comments, or suggestions.  I am working as fast as possibly can including other responsiblities.  You CAN succeed.

Toasting Your Success, Entirely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

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