Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updates On Moody Blues Campaign

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

Happy day today...for those of you who have been following me for a while now.  For new folks finding me, you have found a most unique blog that is devoted to teaching entrepreneurial empowerment at its finest levels.

For those who know about the Moody Blues Cruise that we have been following (for educational purposes), the Moody Blues Cruise, 2013, touring the Grand Cayman Islands is SOLD OUT!

For those of you who sell anything from home or are researching your other Internet "work from home" opportunities, you can see this campaign unfolding in all of the online places:

1)  Official Website of the Moodies --


Justin Hayward offers his most recent interview, dated Feb. 11, 2013. 

  • All Rights Are Reserved On Original Artists Copyrights/Trademarks/Products/Concerts

2)  The Cruise --


3)  Justin Hayward's newest recorded release is available at Amazon, Eagle Records --

"Spirits of the Western Sky"

You can find it again on the official moodies website.



  • For those of you learning from this blog what's precisely involved in active blogging, this blog is an early traffic precursor to getting formally paid
  • Patience, persistence, and know-how are primary keys
  • Leveraging social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest...)
  • Buildling your list
  • Optimizing Traffic
  • Monetizing infopreneurial content marketed by you...yes...even in MLM and NO MLM can say "you can't do that"...because you can!
  • Fingertip publishing (as you see here)
  • Retaining 100% profits without relying on major publishing houses.
Please Stay Tuned For More BUT Post Your Comments.  This does guide the most relevant and pressing information...adding that I have massive Internet marketing and publishing resources at my fingertips.  This newsletter is underway..., creating key reports you'll need to assess what's involved in starting your own Internet business, bolstering present business, and expanding operations.  The newsletter is not yet ready for subscribers being that the emails are being created...right along with downloadeable pdfs you can print, but you should be able to add this RSS Feed for right now.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer/Pre-Med

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