Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Fan's Free Meal

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

One fan received a free meal when he or she showed this blog to another friend.

  • Congratulations regarding the FREE meal !
  • Isn't it great when something wonderful for others happens?
  • That's what Internet marketing...and well...about making wonderful friends online...helping one another progress 
  • You want to be lucky for others
  • And they will be lucky for you
  • And somewhere in-between, you'll find business working much, much better.

I just published Life Cell...a major campaign, located in a prior post.  Check it out!

Please continue watching...but remember that there are no turnkey systems out there.  You are piecing together what you can...but ultimately, you are writing your content (ad copy), you are using your own banners...but you are connecting to others through use of the written word.  You are building your following, you are filtering through your following, you are putting them on a list, and then you are marketing products/services to that list using several varied marketing approaches.  There is no set ad copy on the communications side of it so you want to watch many Internet campaigns.  I opt into a variety of favorite marketer's newsletters but then watch them very carefully.  You will see the marketing at work.

Stay tuned.  I'm connecting the communication device to this blog -- S.O.P. for online marketers.

Toasting Your Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer

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