Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mastering Keywords - MLM Or Otherwise

Welcome Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

More people are finding me....and welcome new folks.  Happy to meet you here.  This blog talks about ways to generate a living from home leveraging technology, and it offers concrete solutions without steering you in one direction.  We study major campaigns as examples, and I show you through action what is possible.

  • I can refer you to people using proven marketing, when others are in a bind.

  • I have an organic listing (natural listing) but obtained it by writing about network marketing challenges (and offer solutions), but heavily talk about Internet marketing on this blog because direct response marketing moves everything online....yes...even MLM products.

  • If you know little or less about Internet marketing and want to know how it works, feel free to click on this blog's various articles.

I hit all levels of marketing.

If you are in an MLM -- here's the secret no one seems to know ...or if they DO know, they refuse to share it.  I love meeting MLM'ers in person...playing naive, asking them Q's to find out what they're doing, and will then spot the "one who hides his/her active secrets"!  BUT..., it is done in true fun in order to bring you what will usually surpass their results.  What these top dogs don't know is that I share precisely what they do --  and that is -- many generate their own leads from home.  They're not running off to no-where speaking to family or friends! 

On this blog, I SHOW YOU HOW THEY DO IT.

IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE, ADD THIS BLOG USING YOUR RSS FEED.  Submit your email located at the bottom of this blog...and use your real name.  No - you won't be called or hounded by phone.  Internet marketers don't use phones unless they absolutely want to touch base with pressing client concerns.

  • Transitioning content over to a Word Press -- for those of you who have a Word Press blog (.com) or (.org) already, I am prepping content covering every subject imagineable.  It is professional content that is accurate, given these changing times...;

Quick Tip:  Blogging has spamming challenges, I have confirmed absolutely.  It goes along with the territory, but you can pay $5 or $10 a month for Akismet, an anti-spamming tool for Word Press.  It is well worth the monthly cost. 

  • If you do not yet have a communications tool, that costs you $20 a month...and is well worth the monthly price.  You cannot build your contact list without it. 

  • Generate $200 - $300 a month by using blogging

  • Market several smaller niches using blogging here...or on Word Press

  • Scale your marketing upward, reinvest profits when you can, and eventually build your own super-affiliate products.



  • For those of you who want to know how you master keywords which leads to higher traffic, lower competition, and higher quality leads resulting in conversions (paid results), this article is for you.  It is written by my fellow marketing associate, Kyle, inside of Wealthy Affiliate.

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Mastering Keywords - MLM Or Otherwise

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Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer

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