Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's Happening Inside -- Open Education Project

Welcome Back Fellow Online Entrepreneurs!

If you are willing to anonymously tell me what you're faced most pressing ways, I would seriously like to know.  I disabled "anonymous" posting for two days to test traffic.  It's still better to keep this blog pubically available to all for now. 

Inside of our Open Education Project (also called Wealthy Affiliate) where I have access to countless Internet marketing tools helping me develop, expand, and deliver content to you, we are all asking what we can do better to assist you.  Take a look at the visit we're having inside, so as to serve you far, far better.

Take a look.

The tools/lessons most need but try to pay for independently spend more than they would necessarily breaking up their needs into separate components --

  • web hosting
  • website templates
  • ad copy (how to write it to submit it to optimize it ...and more)
  • keyword tools (this alone can cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars)
  • website software (yet more $$ out of pocket)
  • dedicated serves ($190 a month and more)
  • the smaller tools that make life manageable (anti-spamming tools, website security)
  • communication devices ($20 month..on average...can be had through your web host but may be limited if it takes up bandwidth via you need expansive options here in order to build your clientelle lists)
  • directories (that aren't crowded and showcase a much smaller number of finest writers devoted to bringing highest quality content and natural website traffic)
  • tutorials (which spare you major hassle trial and error learning)
  • videos (live tutorials which spare you time)
  • access to a proven network of interactive, dedicated online marketers who know what's needed and essential.
Honestly tell me what's on your mind.  What do you need?  How can we deliver better..., reliably...easily...readily?

Toasting Your Independent Online Success, Absolutely!

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

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