Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Repeat EMails From Blogger

Hello Online Entrepreneurs,

This is a limitation of Blogger.  We're having the identical challenges on all computers and hand-helds...getting repeat messages.  If you are a fellow marketer and you know why this is happening (as I have checked all internal settings), I suspect, we'll all have to head over to Word Press.

Hang tight.

Blogger is obviously not the communications channel one wants.

It would be better to contact me via: 


Many people are finding me now.  I want the same for you.  The key is ....get a blogger going for starters.  Don't worry too much about format.  PRINT is what grabs attention.  Help others.  Be patient.  Be persistent.

P.S. -  RE:  Forex Traders - I posted a super-affiliate link relating to integrated (managerial) marketing today.  By looking at these integrated solutions, it shows you partially how you can manage your own affiliate force.  It will show you, through insights, that you can create your own products.


Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA
Internet Marketer

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