Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Quality Data Lives Online!

I'll make it short without a header or footer.

YES -- 

These are the only sources I trust:

  • Terry Duff  (ad copy master for MLM/affiliates/super-affiliates)
  • Myself (as I've learned the hard-core marketing from Terry Duff...and I am developing my followings...)
  • Wealthy Affiliate...they help you as much as you will help yourself --  many of us work together
  • Gino Niccoli  (closing master...for MLM and human empowerment)
  • I'm still testing major gurus I can trust (so far...many of them only want to sell you product or turn you into one of their affiliates)
  • Mike Anderson (retired but he's on my Facebook profile...knows a lot too)
  • The major campaigns you see...and ones I share
  • Dream Teamers -- they are doing the same -- Internet marketing for MLM/affiliate marketing/super-affiliates
  • Graduates of Wealthy Affiliate -- they're not graduates -- they're the handful doing it very well -- Travis Sego, Bum Marketer/Kyle/Carson/Jennifer Ledbetter

Terry Duff - ad copy/articles/blogging/traffic, paid and Free...BUT Terry also works with some folks who've been online forever...and he recommends them to us...and others.  Google Terry.

It's a short list.

There is a place called Internet Marketing Mastery Academy...I have NOT tested them.

Ed Dale is another super-affiliate... -- he's somewhat hard to follow online as you implement -- 30-Day Challenge....his power tools are amazing!  Marketing Samurai...keyword Samurai...Domain Samurai.

Kevin Riley I also recommend.

There are some who are so grand...but they rarely work with individuals.  These people I mention are highly active.

Barbara Brinkmeyer, MBA

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